Crystal Infused Bath Soak

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Take some time out for you! Relax and look after your body. This refreshing crystal infused milk bath contains lavender and rose petals which are proven properties for relaxation and sleep. Infused with essential oils especially formulated for relaxation and the clear quartz which is an all round soothing crystal for anxiety, protection, love and sleep. 


Add two tablespoons to your bath water. Then add your crystal. Hold the crystal as you bath and rub it on your body. Remove the crystal once you have competed bathing. Dry your crystal off and add it back into your bath mix. 

Size - 360g  |  each bag contains enough for approximatelty 4 baths. 

Each bag contains - 50g of rough crystal quartz in a calico bag

Contains: Organic milk powder, epsom salt, dead sea salt, essential oils, lavender flowers, rose petals and slices of citrus. 

Please note: we pack our items as carefully as possible however, the contents may shift slightly when shipped. 

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