Meet the Maker

Wood Wicks Luxe Creator Tanya Wood
- Taking craft to the next level.

Who doesn't love candles and body products, loose leaf teas and smiles for years. I do... I love to create hand made items and gift them to all the special people in my life. I love to see the smile on their faces when they receive a special hand made item. I have also taken over a good part of the garage and house with all my creations and products, but I am working on opening a tea shop/ creative studio where I can share my love of creating and a nice cup of organic hand blended tea with the public.

Crafting and creating has become a love, or maybe more of a habit of mine from a very young age. Growing up in a small country town, I first started with cooking and sewing. My hobbies grew as I moved to Newcastle in my 20's and attended numerous learning facilities where I added skills upon skills, and not just creative skills but ones that would help me in life to run businesses and help others run their business as well. Being a creative has also helped me with anxiety which I have struggled with over the years. I find a lot of calm, well...crazy calm in creating and crafting.

Wood Wicks & Luxe is my latest passion and business creation which was born from wanting to add gift boxes to my other business Mitea. I was already creating soy wax candles and things such as bath salts for myself and friends. I had created candles in the past, however wax has come along way since the melt and pour into cardboard milk cartons and the use of more natural products such as soy and soy blends has really got me hooked. In my gift boxes you will find organic loose leaf tea blends which are from my sister business Mitea. You will find a link to Mitea in the top menu bar on the homepage.

Wood Wicks & Luxe products are created with love... I have created every item myself as well as the brand. You ask.... "whats in the name" - Wood symbolises myself and my family, Wicks & Luxe symbolises the product I produce. I create all my items in small batches from my home in Maitland in The Hunter Valley, all from good quality ingredients which have been tested and trialled. When you are buying from WWL, you are supporting a small business and putting a smile on my face... I hope that I can do the same for you when you buy my products. x