Molded Candle Collection

We absolutely love our Lady Carly Candles. We have a few different molded candles available and will add to this collection as we grow.

Signature Collection

Our classic, vintage look amber glass vessels give a soft glow to candle flames and makes any room feel warm and inviting. 

Pamper Yourself

Do something nice for yourself, you deserve it. Try our natural bath salts infused with essential oils and organic flowers or one of our handmade goat milk soaps. 

Cocktail Botanicals & Culinary Flowers

Impress your guests with theseedible culinary flowers for your cocktails and sweets. Wholesale enquires welcome.

Organic Tea Products

Our Home Fragrance Products

At Wood Wicks & Luxe we have the environment in mind when we are creating our products. We use all natural ingredients and try to keep to recyclable packaging where possible.

The use of soy wax is becoming more common amongst makers due to the ingredients being much more natural and having less impact on the environment. Soy wax candles emit less toxins into the air being the wax comes from a vegetable, making it a more sustainable resource.